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Weight loss by reducing calories

"Calories by reducing the weight loss", calorie reduction, reducing calorie diet to reduce the calories you need to know there are some considerations and criteria. Most of us, when the diet to reduce the calories we give up our specialties. No need to surrender, this is a wrong one. When cooking, the flavor and health have difficulty in attaining the same. On top of a currently trying to lose weight. So this summer has been for you, that's low in fat and calories, cooking methods, and suggestions for, as we explain

1. Diet vegetable dish made, put 1 tablespoon oil 2 pounds vegetables. If you do not need the addition of external fat meat and vegetable dishes.

2. Cooking oil, frying, roasting and boiling instead of the oven grill or water temperature cooking methods.

3. Instead of focusing on oil and sauce to give flavor to the food only with vegetables and spices to create different flavors work.

4. Low-fat milk instead of cream sauces and soups Please try with.

5. If individuals need to consume less salt and fat at home all the pot and cook food. Then, taking a quantity of salt and oil mixture. Uğraşmayınız with a few pots.

6. Instead of cookies and cakes, dried fruit, or a small amount of sugar syrup you can try.

7. Frozen potatoes instead of frying, try a kilning.

8. If you do not have time to cook boiled vegetables or salad mix with yogurt a try.

9. Choose fat-free milk to reduce fat cakes and cookies.

10. Grill toaster SDEC meat, poultry and fish to vegetables not to use the tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, onions and other vegetables, try to.

11. If you want to put the oil into the pan and cook over low heat cooking method and apply a little drop of water.

12. Try to take advantage of fat-free paper in the oven for cooking oil.

13. Boil the chicken broth and then took on the oil, then add vegetables or soups.

14. Solid fruit or press the vegetables can increase your intake of fiber, the bulk in putting into cakes.

15. 1 full egg and 2 egg whites and add only wish to put a little water in the pan instead of oil to cook with vegetables.

16. Choose wheat instead of rice. According to rice, bulgur balances blood sugar levels, it contains a higher fiber and protein. 1 thin slice of wheat bread 3 tablespoons equal.

17. Fruit or dried fruit instead of sweets and oily paste with sweet roast try.

18. To reduce the calories in fruit juice, dilute or mix with mineral water.

19. Use plenty of tomato and onion dishes. Because of the high water content of the tomatoes doyurucudur low calorific value, high antioxidant capacity.

20. Next to the carbohydrate-containing meat or chicken (potatoes, rice, etc.) Choose a side dish instead of mushrooms is very low in calories. Onions, tomatoes and fresh vegetables can be sautéed.

20 proposal to reduce the calories, have shared with you. While on a diet, how to cook your favorite food items that you have learned better than that, we hope. Above, you can learn ways to burn calories, if they support the sport, it will be followed by a healthy weight loss method.

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