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According to the shape of your body type weight loss

diet based on your body type, body-diet, diet according to body shape, according to body shape slimming, weight loss can make according to your body type. Healthy to lose weight, diet programs, along with a variety of recipes for some of the regime can be implemented. However, according to the diet you need to know your body type? According to the shape of the body is describing forms of weight loss, weight loss methods, based on body type Kocak Dilara Nutritionist explains., as a share. If we compare the two fruits in your body, one of them apple pear get the other.

Are you pear or apple is? Pear-type obesity is usually defined for women. Of a thin waist and hips are wide used to describe the status. The biggest complaint purchased by the obese pear-type outfit that they usually have narrow hips, waist get by. Aesthetically, this one is not satisfied with the fact that in terms of health advantage. Accumulation of fat cells, because the hip and upper leg is better than the core deposition. According to research, pear, apple type of type of women by men and women having a heart attack rate is lower. Accumulated in the core of apple-type obesity is more dangerous than fat. Because the accumulated fat in the abdominal region, diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver and increases the risk of heart disease at a significant level.

Insulin-excess state again on this region, especially obesity. Pear type body who will never turn into an apple. The core of apple-type obesity, fat, pear type meets the hip. But it is not possible to change the location of fat cells and reduce the dimensions of the two types. Application of exercise and a balanced diet, but the big pear, armuda small, large or small apple turn into an apple. Therefore, the regional attenuation düşmeyiniz snares. Only hip melting diet or exercise will not only burn belly. Calorie restriction allows storage of fat burning exercise fat burning capacity of the muscle to increase muscle strength and energy wasted brings together the highest level of calories will support yakımınıza. Her body bandage, leg, nylon wrap, sweat shorts to wear, useless waste of water. The location and number of fat cells of each individual is different.

As well as affecting the genetic structure in this important belirleycidir adolescence. Number of cells in the body of adult individuals does not change. But the volume grows and shrinks fat and muscle cells. However, too much weight during adolescence, and this period is the number of fat cells is being overweight later in adulthood and old age too much as it is moved. In this case, problems in adulthood weight does not let it go.

Be obese according to your belly. According to uzunluğunuza Length of body weight may be normal between 20 and 09.24. However, if more than abdomen fats you "obese" can. Weight to make a decision just by looking at this issue, will not be correct.

How do I know I'm obese? How do I know that the more fat in the abdominal region and the ideal? The simplest would be using a tape measure to measure your waist environment. In women, 80 inches, 94 inches or more in men danger signal. If women 88, men are over 102 cm can say that you are probably a metabolic obese. To be sure, internal organs and abdominal adiposity in your area measuring devices can also measure. About dieting according to your body type, you have learned a lot of information. This diet information, diet based on your body type, body-diet, diet according to body shape, according to the shape of the body weight loss, weight loss, depending on the type of body prepared to pass the correct information to you in words, a healthy diet information.

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