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a group of blood diet

Blood groups defined according to the diet programs in recent years, some of the nutrients and foods of various blood groups are wearing and breathable weight. these nutrients, and blood group identified as examples of a 1-week diet to a diet and nutrition program for you have shaped.
Specialist doctors have recommended this diet program, you need to do the entire list. Keep your sports program, a list of all foods is to consume foods and not eat. Healthy weakening wish.

In the morning, start the day, a glass of water into a glass, 1 squeeze of lemon juice you need to drink every morning. In this process, approximately 30 minutes after breakfast should start.

Your breakfast: a cup of green tea, one boiled egg, one tomato, one cucumberAs bread, whole wheat or rye bread should be used. To 2 slices at breakfast.

In the morning and noon, green tea drink, consume 3-4 cups.

At noon, 100 grams of boiled chicken meat, the need to consume. In addition, a bowl of yogurt. 2 slices whole wheat bread.

Between lunch and dinner, 2 cups of green tea should be consumed.

Your dinner, a bowl of lentil soup, a bowl of yogurt, 2 slices whole wheat bread must end with.

Diet program on the second day;

2 pieces of fresh apple, a slice of whole wheat bread, a cup of green tea, one boiled egg, half a tomato, half a cucumber in the morning with breakfast complete.

Between the morning and afternoon: 1 apple and other seasonal fruits can be consumed. (Except bananas)

Lunch: 200 ml apple juice, seasonal salad, 80 grams boiled chicken and two slices whole wheat bread should be eaten.

Noon to evening:; A bowl of cabbage soup, seasonal salads, 4 tablespoons of pasta, two slices whole wheat bread should be eaten. 2 apples 1 hour after eating a meal, help the burning of what you eat.

Dietary 3rd day: start of the day, drink a glass of grapefruit juice. Then a slice fat-free cheese, one boiled egg, 3 pieces of olive, tomato and a slice of whole wheat bread with a breakfast in the morning complete.

In the morning to noon: Only 2 cups of green tea.

Lunch: 2 medium sized boiled potatoes, alongside seasonal salad, a bowl of yogurt, two slices whole wheat bread.

Between noon and evening: Grapefruit fruit or juice drink.

Dinner, a bowl of cabbage soup, 120 grams of chicken, boiled eaten.

Dietary 4.cü days; ılımış tumbler of water into a glass of water in the morning, 1 squeeze lemon juice, mix and drink. After 30 minutes of this part, I would recommend you to breakfast. Your breakfast today, one bagel, 25 grams fat feta cheese, olives consume 4-5. You should drink green tea as a beverage.

between morning and afternoon: 2-3 cups of green tea consumed. Citrus fruit can be eaten. Orange, tangerine, grapefruit.

Lunch: One fish, steamed, it is recommended that Sekine. Salats next season you can eat. With 2 slices whole wheat bread.

Lunch and dinner include: Grapefruit juice should you drink a cup.

Your dinner: lean cheeses made pasta, a bowl of yogurt and a slice of whole wheat bread, a serving of pasta should be. day diet, this morning, just start eating the fruit of grapefruit. After 30 minutes of breakfast, you have to start the program.

In the morning your breakfast, a boiled egg, one tomato, and cucumber with green tea you can drink. Use whole wheat bread in the bread.

Between morning and afternoon: One or consume the fruit of grapefruit juice with orange drink. Water should be available.

Diet program day; morning with a handful of raisins, and two dried figs consumed. Breakfast was today just drink green tea at breakfast.

Between morning and noon time, a green tea and a handful of raisins should be eaten.

Lunch, a bowl of cabbage soup, a bowl of yogurt, however, two slices whole wheat bread consumed.

You can drink green tea during the period between lunch and dinner, plenty.

Dinner: boil 250 grams of broccoli, a bowl of yogurt consumed. Two slices whole wheat bread.

Last day of the diet, this morning, apple juice and apple cider vinegar, stirring a glass of water we drink this herbal formula. Approximately 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with a cup of tea to drink.

After 30 minutes you can breakfast. For breakfast, boiled potatoes 1 piece, one green pepper, tomatoes, and green tea consumed in one.

For lunch, chicken white meat, boiled or eat a piece of fish. Grams must not exceed 120 grams. Consumed as bread, whole wheat bread.

Between lunch and dinner; Grapefruit fruit and lots of green tea consumed.

Dinner, a serving of fat-free pasta, should be undressed. A bowl of yoghurt and two slices whole wheat bread.

There are a variety of plant foods diet recipes that we have provided. Their description is as follows.

7-8 pieces of boiled cabbage leaves in a liter of water, and drink this water every night at bedtime. Süzünüz boiling water, and drink it.

We want to make a sport out of it on this diet program.

Monday: 30 minutes walk. A period of 20 minutes after which the cycle can take.

Wednesday and today is a 40-minute walk to the amount we doing, bike sürmücez. Instead, we are having 30 units sit-ups, abdominal our region.

Sundays: Sunday 50 minute bike ride, a brisk 20-minute run.

Diet program that you can apply on a weekly basis, and with an average weight must be given to the first week you make through sport between 3-4 kilograms.

Foods and foods to eat during the diet, acidic foods and juices definitely içilmeyecektir. No cooking, and eating all the food away from oily yenmeyecektir durulacaktır.Yağlı. Diet program, you can drink an unlimited amount of water. Especially containing vitamin C, oranges, grapefruit, mandarin-style fruit itself, as long as you, not to exaggerate with the registration consume.

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