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How should the regime

regime recommendations, dietary suggestions, weight loss tips, how to diet to be done? Are not very knowledgeable, must have been an issue. Diet with a list, by heart is not right to choose a weight loss method. So many tips and resources you need to know about diet, however, do not choose the diet. Every day we do for ourselves and our loved ones, choose from thousands of these choices determine our future. What is for dinner cooking time is very important considering the fact that a mother's choice is a choice or a meeting at work as a result of bad cookies in the last four of five food as it gets revenge for his boss is also an important choice. Your choices determine the quality of life, not just from eating just to feed the abdomen, the right nutrition and try to learn to understand.

A lot of knowledge about nutrition and good life is coming to your ear, but their diet every day, aware of the facts and mistakes to correct them the best start to arrive. To do this, the "regime proposals" under the name of the title will give you some tips.

1. Be patient: "Diet", while you must be patient and calm. During the winter, where weight, try to give 1-2 weeks, all the weight that you lose weight fast, then it means you get fast. Rapid weight loss is general to the loss of water from the body. However, whether the oil is important to lose weight slowly.

2. Set realistic goals: 10 years ago a target weight may not go down towards the lowest and the highest weights of the last 5 years, review, every 10 years after age 30 your metabolism slows down and you do not receive a measure of weight gain becomes visible.

3. See the nutrition habits and change the vazgeçebileceklerinizi, Make a list of the regime: rice, pasta, 1 slice whole wheat bread instead of eating, to consume at least 8-9 glasses of water a day to drink, tea and coffee sugar, cut or halving, salad, more than 1 teaspoon as not to get fat. Ödüllendirinü yourself sometimes, small Getaways Do not let your spirits, continue where you left off.

4. Keep the regimen followed by measurement under: Lose Weight and diet compliance monitoring allows you to increase morarl tartılmayın 2 days a week but every day is sufficient. Body weight in the morning on an empty stomach, followed by weighing your clothes off, and always the same. Waist circumference, height, length of pull, measure body weight. Waist circumference: 80 cm and for women to be under 88 cm and over if you carry a high risk. You should be 94 cm and 102 cm for men and up to six of the major risk group means.

5. Doctor taking, do not forget: Weight receiving less work because the hidden sugar or thyroid hormonunuzun can be checked by a doctor before starting the diet is important to the past and to be built by a blood test.

How much should we eat when dieting? Custodian of weight to an average of 1800-2000 calories for women and men 2300-2500 calories is recommended to take. However, a young man engaged in intense exercise may even thousand calories 3000-4000 daily calorie needs. 1400-1500 calories in overweight men, overweight women may begin in the 1200-1400 calorie diet. Group of individuals with excess fat doctor, dietitian, psychologist and exercise specialist with more weight loss goals will be a wise choice.

When dieting, milk, yogurt and cheese: selections or reduced-fat milk, yogurt and cheese should be preferred.

Meat and meat products: During the program, meat, fish, chicken, turkey and lean part of dersizin should be preferred. 1 serving of meat / fish / chicken / turkey meatballs amount is approximately 3-4. Things you should avoid include: Offal, fatty meats, fried meats, chicken skin.

Regime vegetables: all vegetables can be eaten raw, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, celery, arugula, parsley, purslane is free. 1 kilogram of cooking vegetables or legumes need to use 2 tablespoons of oil. Vegetables, legumes meals as you want, tomatoes, onions and garlic, various spices can. Frying, roasting haşama instead, bake, grill or water temperature cooking methods, the regime will recommend it to people.

Regime oils: selections as vegetable oils, olive oil, soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oils such as hazelnut oil instead. Butter, internal fat, stay away from mayonnaise. Salad for every meal just add 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Diet will certainly not forget them people;

1. Do not skip meals and do not eat absolutely missing.2. If you eat little and often keep blood sugar in balance, metabolic rate increases and hunger can be controlled more easily.3. Be sure to drink 2 liters of water throughout the day, on average. Hot or cold does not matter.4. Be sure to drink black tea and sugar-free open during the day, sage, fennel, green tea, herbal tea such use.5. Do not consume more than two cups of coffee per day variations, choose low-fat milk instead of cream, flavored syrups kahvelerdeki calories are in a special note, and be sure not to choose them tüketimlerinizde.6. A maximum of 1 day diet drink, cola drinks, iced tea, orange soda or fruit drinks such as soda, drink. Make sure to use fruit juices and other beverages sweetened ready

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