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Emotional eating diet

What is an emotional hunger, emotional eating, emotional, dietary, emotional, nutritional benefits of the method and the effects of weight gain, losses have studied how the results look? Can cope with the emotional hunger, I really want to do is important, and the beginning, note that in your hands. Loneliness, boredom, reward, love, emptiness, sadness, anger mixed with a lot like the feeling of hunger. Here's what you must do in order to struggle with cravings in such cases, as the share

1. Eating blog, start writing. What yediğinizle logged along with the time and, in the sense of type of food you feel like it. Dieting Dietitian to write log log Dilara Koçak 2011 book called good life you can be a nice companion.

2. Dökebileceğiniz writing your feelings and thoughts easily take a period of time to yourself. There is no need to soak up the gömmediğiniz to suppress your feelings when eating them.

3. Spend more time with friends or family. Talk to them, share them. Log to seeing the same task together, sometimes comforting to share and get an answer.

4. Take time for yourself. The relaxing effect of meditation or another and Activities for you every day or every two days again. (Prayer can).

5. Exercise, sports, we make do not hear how good you feel and see the need chocolate, you will be very surprised.

6. Refrigerator (or larder, whichever first tend to become) a writing of the door you can hang a reminder.

7. Use your phone more. Talk to a friend, you are in for before wants to eat, share your feelings at that time. Let's see if you turn off the mind that is still going to eat?

8. Keep foods at home, provoking you already. So which is a weakness, chocolate, whether it be food try not to take them, do not buy them because yemesemde Keep DIYer're prepared the ground for taking them to eat. Shared methods and suggestions for dealing with the emotional hunger, healthy attenuation, good diets are sorry

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