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Diet, use of alcohol

Diet, alcohol consumption, diet, alcohol, alcohol, calories, weakening of alcohol, alcohol, diet, exploring some of the effects of alcohol to weaken the regime, have reached several conclusions. High intakes of alcohol in the blood sugar lowering effects, such as appetite underused by showing restlessness, anxiety disorders, such as cause to live. In addition, only alcohol alcoholic given the high amount of energy, providing a high amount of short-term satiety and energy will result in a blank. One gram of fat has 9 calories, while a gram of carbohydrate and protein, 4 calories, a gram of alcohol provides 7 calories. You have learned the rate of alcohol calories in the diet., the damage of alcohol in the diet, effects, side effects, benefits, let's look at the benefits.

When rashly without being aware of the consumption of alcohol causes a lot of energy to spend. For this reason, the use of alcohol in the diet recommended. In addition, more frequent and alcohol consumption, liver disorders, heart disease, and can lead to gout. Alcohol only on special evenings, 1-2 cups, glasses should be taken not to exceed.

Which is how much alcohol the drink?

1 gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. However, the alcohol content of each drink is different. Drinks with a high alcohol content more calories. In patients with low alcohol content, contains fewer calories. For example, 12 percent to 15 percent alcohol wine. However, 45 percent of raki alcohol. So one drink raki measuring, measuring almost 3 calories you will receive up to drinking wine. Look, examine together how other drinks alcohol and calorie ratios.

Rates of alcohol calories, drink bottles are numbers showing the percentage of alcohol on. Multiply this number by 0.79 100'ml are found in the amount of alcohol in grams. 1 gram of alcohol contains 7 calories.

Raki and dietary calories; Double 268 calories, 80 ml, only 134 cal, contains 40 ml.Wine, 98-110 kalori/100ml (classic small cups)Rom, 200 kalori/80 ml,Vermouth and 134 calories / 80 ml,Vodka, Shut kalori/40 105 ml,Vodka normal; 210 kalori/80 ml,Whiskey, Double 220 kalori/80 ml,Whisky, Single 110 kalori/40 ml,Martini, 166 calories / 80 ml,Singular sunrise; 115 kalori/100 ml,China; 98 calories / 40 ml,Gin and tonic, 76 calories / 100 mlCognac, 89 kalori/40 ml,Bloody mary, and 78 kalori/100 ml,Light beer, 92 ml of kalori/330,Beer normal; 139 kalori/330 ml,Raspberry liqueur; 110 kalori/40 ml,Banana liqueur, 126 calories / 40 ml,Peppermint liqueur; 142 calories / 40 ml,Orange liqueur; 160 calories / 40 ml.

According to the types of alcohol calories are listed in the above rates. Alcohols Now you know how many calories into the body. Alcohol would like to express a few points need to be borne in mind of the people. Created by alcohol the next day, edema, water retention and bloating, in order to reduce the complaint, at the dinner table, and drink plenty of water along with alcoholic drinks go. The next day, one parsley, lemon and boil with a piece of apple and lime leaves, ılıtınız and drink. To be better, to get rid of the distractions of purchases of alcohol, herbal formula.

Criteria need to know about the people who diet of alcohol; Here, the correct known false about alcohol: Alcohol appetite: the appetite before dinner, a measure of alcohol has increased credible. This condition varies from person to person. However, the extra amount of alcohol taken, for a short time after the narrowing blood vessels to expand, before being experienced a short period of fasting, and then turn off the appetite When you continue the purchase of alcohol. The effects of alcohol, also depends on the quantity of food eaten before drinking. No matter how full your stomach, so the passage of alcohol into the bloodstream is slow. Thus, the density of alcohol in the blood is low.

Alcohol expands blood vessels: Alcohol causes the blood vessels to widen. However, narrowing and hardening of the arteries is caused by increasing the amount. In addition, the high level of alcohol intake is a risk for increased blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Allows Concentration: Concentration loss and carelessness, the most important use of alcohol effects.

Provides a comfortable sleep: Alcohol, provide comfortable sleeping. On the contrary impair the quality of sleep. Alcohol does not sleep, it exudes.

Meet the needs of Liquid: Alcohol intake in the body, making the diuretic effect, increases fluid loss. This ndenle, alcohol intake, fluid consumption must be thought of as. On the contrary, more fluid is lost in alcohol, drink more fluid to replace fluid loss. It is a healthy weight loss information, diet, alcohol, alcohol, calories, weakening of alcohol, alcohol, diet, alcohol, the effect of weakening the regime, can help your search, such as rates of alcohol calories, diet information.

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